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About Us


Nichols Actuarial Consulting brings a distinctive combination of knowledge, experience and personality. Joe Nichols has worked in both the public and private sectors, and his depth of understanding as a consultant and pension expert is unmatched. There are other actuaries who may possess the same knowledge, but Joe has the ability to communicate the complex issues surrounding pensions into terms that are understandable.


With his tenure in the field and involvement in actuarial leadership, Joe’s contacts range from regional small businesses to international consulting firms. In this highly specialized industry, your character is what makes your business, and Joe has a sterling reputation as a “go to” guy when it comes to pension consulting.

Joe Nichols started Nichols Actuarial Consulting after more than two decades in the pension industry. During that time, he has worn many hats. With Nichols Actuarial Consulting, he is returning to his roots as a true actuarial consulting firm, operating independently for our clients.